More Bang for Your Buck: How to barter in Central VA

More Bang for Your Buck: How to barter in Central VA

(WWBT) - Some people don't have extra money to spend for services or things they need.

That's where bartering can help.

"These are copies of a log book from my great grandfather in Arkansas," explained Anjie Kay.

In 1903, Dr. Martin Hawkins accepted money for his services, but he also took other types of payments.

She continues,"a hog, beef, work, load of wood."

Bartering was a way of life back then.

She cites examples like, "Fixed his watch. This amazing to me because these are the same things I do."

And it's alive and well here in Central Virginia.

"I had never even thought about bartering for a medical service -- would you ever think that? No. But since then, I have bartered for medical and dental," said Kay.

Kay is a professional photographer, a skill that has proved useful when it comes to trading. She says everyone has something to offer.

"One of my daughters actually babysat for my dentist and we got dental services for free for her babysitting," Kay recalled.

She recently put out a call on Facebook looking for someone to make her a T-shirt quilt -- something that would have cost hundreds. One of the responders needed senior portraits for school.

"So we made the trade," she said. "So she will pay no money, I will pay no money. She has what she needs, I have what I want."

She's bartered on Craigslist -- there's an entire section dedicated to it. She's traded for manicures, electrical work, fresh venison, even a Dyson vacuum.

Kay's husband has bartered his tree work for chiropractic care and legal services.

"One of our neighbors needed a tree down and in return they gave us a steak and seafood dinner at their house complete with the Patron, which is his favorite drink," she said, laughing.

When Kay needed her leaves cleared, frozen home cooked meals were gladly accepted as payment. She says all you have to do is ask.

"If I can get it for free, why pay for it? So, take that money and put it toward an electric bill or something else. You know you can't barter for those." said Kay.

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