RESTAURANT REPORT: roaches at service counter near to-go containers

RESTAURANT REPORT: roaches at service counter near to-go containers

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Roaches at the service counter near the to-go containers.  That was a violation on the last health inspection report at China Max in the food court at Regency Square Mall in Henrico.

The report shows five priority violations, two priority foundation violations, and one core violation.  Among them, the inspector wrote that live roaches were in the hand sink and at the front service counter near the to-go containers.  Three other violations were corrected right away.

When the inspector returned two weeks later, the follow-up report shows China Max had four priority foundation violations and the roaches were still listed as a problem.  We spoke with an employee by phone, who tells us they had pest control treat for the roaches.

Up next, Casa Grande at 3532 Pump Road in Henrico, which is known for its margaritas.  Said owner Arturo Barrios, "If you want to have margaritas, you've got to go to Casa Grande."

But the restaurant had four priority violations, three priority foundation, and six core violations.  So we went over.

One violation listed was that containers of chips and margarita mix were stored on the floor.  Barrios showed us the chips were stored on a platform, and took us into the walk-in cooler.

"It used to be here, right here on this floor,"  said Barrios, referring to the margarita mix.  He pointed out that it now sits on a shelf, "which is this container here."

He showed us they've made sure there is soap at the hand sinks for hand washing, and fixed some food temperature issues.

"What she wanted us to do is keep the chili rellenos here inside the cooler."  He showed us that the rellenos were on a tray in the cooler and said they stay there until they're ready to be cooked.

Barrios says everything has been corrected both here and at the Casa Grande on West Broad Street, which was on the Restaurant Report two weeks ago.  He owns both locations.

"The report you guys did on Broad Street, everything has been corrected.  Everything she tells me to do, I already did," he told us.

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