City still won't pay to repair SUV after police crash, says victim missed deadline

City still won't pay to repair SUV after police crash, says victim missed deadline

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We got some answers for a Richmond woman whose truck was rear-ended by a police officer and never repaired, even though Richmond Police acknowledge they are at fault.

It all seems to come down to a missed deadline as to why Tykisha Booker is stuck with a damaged SUV - eight months after the crash.

It was a late filed claim. The mother is also still waiting on a personal injury check for her baby girl.

Tykisha's complaint is viewed as pending litigation, so the city will not speak with NBC12.  We did some digging though. Someone may have dropped the ball.

As it stands right now, it's not too late for Tykisha to get compensation for her baby girl, but on her car complaint, the deadline has come and gone.

A missed deadline is the reason Tykisha's truck has not been repaired. Tykisha wants answers.

"Just help me get my car fixed or at least give me an explanation on why it can't be fixed."

She says she filed a damage claim herself with the city of Richmond seeking repairs to her suburban after speaking with her attorney and learning he had handled her personal injury claims and not a claim to repair her truck. So, she jumped into action and presented the city with the documentation herself in April, but it was seven months after the crash. She missed the deadline by one month. The city rejected the claim.

NBC12 Investigators reached out to the law firm - Christina Pendleton and Associates - to try and find out how this happened. The law firm's email response would not confirm or deny that it represents Tykisha. It goes on to say it needs written authorization to speak with NBC12.

We looked into a second issue concerning Tykisha's daughter. She asked for help getting answers about a personal injury check she says the city is holding. She wanted an explanation.

Unfinished business is the reason. While the City Attorney's office would not speak with NBC12, we did learn from a source that the city wants a court-approved settlement and an escrow account set up in the child's name. When all parties agree to that, we're  told the city will cut a check.

Tykisha says she was unaware of any of this. She has given her lawyer written permission to speak with NBC12 about her case. Attorney Damon Pendleton's office says he is in court today and unable to speak with us until tomorrow. We will stay on top of this and keep you updated.

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