Excellence in Education: Cool Spring teacher recognized for work for children with autism

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - We'd like to take a moment to recognize one very special teacher from Cool Spring Elementary in Hanover, for her Excellence in Education.

"You have won!" NBC12 anchor, Sarah Bloom.  "Your students say you just do such great work, with children with autism -- and teaching kids to read instead of using their computers -- so on behalf of NBC12, and Henrico Federal Credit Union, thank you so much for all you do!"

Students say Julie Quillin also lets them play memory games for math and science, which they say helps their minds grow.

They also say she inspires kids to read more by buying books for them to read.

"Trying hard not to cry," said Quillin. "It's just really sweet. You know, you work really hard as a teacher and it's just nice to know especially that a child recognizes that in you."

Here is some of what the students wrote when they nominated Quillin:

Mrs. Quillin is my third grade teacher.  She inspires me because she helps out kids with autism.  She calms them down and I think people should help kids with autism like she does. She lets us play memory games for math and science and she also lets us play puzzle games.  Playing games helps our minds grow.  She inspires kids to read more by having reading time for kids and buying books for us to read.

Mrs. Quillin encourages me to keep helping kids with autism so more people will help also.  She encourages people that are sweet and kind to keep being sweet and kind so others will also be sweet and kind.  Mrs. Quillin sometimes reads with us during reading time to encourage students to read instead of playing on computers.

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