RESTAURANT REPORT: employee spit into trash near food

RESTAURANT REPORT: employee spit into trash near food

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Employees not washing their hands, moldy lettuce, dirty dishes and utensils.  Those were among many violations a health inspector noted at a Henrico restaurant.  Not to mention, the health inspector's report says an employee was seen spitting into a trash can right next to food.

The place is Cheng Du Chinese at 9503 West Broad Street in Henrico.  The inspector noted a whopping 8 priority violations, 7 priority foundation violations, and 12 core violations.  The report says employees were not seen washing their hands, utensils on the cookline were still dirty from the night before, and there was moldy lettuce on the cookline.  The lettuce was thrown out and 10 other violations were fixed.  But when the inspector returned in a week, Cheng Du still had 19 total problems that needed to be corrected.

So we went over.  The manager wasn't there, but I spoke with her later by phone.  She said she would talk with the owner about talking with us, but we haven't heard back yet.

Next, check out the report for Sports Page Grille at 504 England Street in Ashland.  It had 4 priority violations, 1 priority foundation, and 5 core violations, including numerous small flying insects in the kitchen, the chip container and ice machine needed cleaning, and mushrooms and marinara sauce were not reheated to the proper temperature.  Some violations were corrected right away.  We reached out to the manager, but didn't hear back.  The inspector's follow-up report shows all violations were corrected except for some cleaning that still needed to be done.

No such problems at Little Caesars at 6215 West Broad Street in Henrico.  Known for it's Hot and Ready pizza, it is also known to inspectors as clean.  It wins our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing six health inspections over the last three years.  This is the sixth Little Caesars location in the area to win the award.

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