Richmond woman wants SUV repaired after a police officer rear ended her

Richmond woman wants SUV repaired after a police officer rear ended her

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman is stuck with a damaged SUV months after an accident involving a Richmond police officer.

A police cruiser rear-ended Tykisha Booker's Chevy Suburban on Belt Boulevard back in September. Police acknowledge they are at fault, but when it comes to repairing Tykisha's vehicle, she says the city is giving her the run-around.

NBC12 reached out to the City's Attorney two days ago and the Mayor's press secretary. We have not gotten a formal response yet, but they know about the complaint and promise to get back to us with a response.

Here's Tykisha Booker's account of what she says has been going on since the September 2016 accident: Tykisha says she expected a speedy response after a police officer ran into the back of her Suburban last September. She says, "I was sitting at the light. The light changed. The car in front of me was making a u-turn. Bam! He hit me in the back. All he could say was he was distracted."

The crash description in the police reports says the officer was distracted by his computer. Tykisha says she was injured, and doctors said her baby, who was in a car seat, wasn't seriously hurt. She hired an attorney.

"If I had hit somebody, my insurance would have had to pay to fix the damages for their vehicle. It should be the same, meaning if you hit somebody, just pay for the damages," said Tykisha.

According to paperwork, the city's insurance did pay her personal injury claim after a lot of stressful back-and-forth.

"It's a headache. A long migraine that just won't stop. I just stopped getting calls from the hospital. Like they just paid my hospital bills," said Tykisha.

But why pay the medical and not repair the truck? That's where it gets strange.

"You can see the damages here to my back lift gate and my bumper, the lights, this plastic piece and there's also a trailer hitch that was knocked off underneath the bottom," said Tykisha.

She claims the City Attorney's Office is holding a second check that she says should have come to her daughter. She says the City Attorney's Office has not explained why they're holding her daughter's check.

In an April 10th letter from Corvel Corporation, the city's liability claims administrator states that her truck claim is denied because she missed the six-month deadline following the accident to file the claim.

Tykisha says that's not true. Everyone knew her truck needed repairs from the beginning.

"Just help me get my car fixed, or at least give me an explanation on why it can't be fixed - and get that check, and get my daughter her personal injury check."

We are still waiting to hear back from the city about these issues concerning Tykisha Booker and will let you know when we learn something more.

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