Chesterfield man says car wash refuses to pay for damages

Chesterfield man says car wash refuses to pay for damages

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield man is fuming after he says his car was damaged inside of a local car wash - and no one is claiming responsibility for what happened.

Back in December, Pharoah Mosby's son Elohim took his Acura to the Rio Car Wash on Hull Street Road in Midlothian. He was going through the wash portal when the unexpected happened. He says the vehicle on the track behind him slammed into him.

"So if you were to take a sledgehammer and hit a wall, the impact that you feel, that's what it felt like," Elohim said. "Like my car jolted forward. It wasn't like a normal jolt, it wasn't like a machine, I felt something hit me."

When the white truck behind him hit him, it left a large dent and scratches on the car's trunk.

Police were called to the scene, and Mosby rushed there when his son called and told him what had gone wrong. That was December - now it's almost May, and the car is still not fixed.

"It is very frustrating. Frustrating and stressful, very," Mosby said.

Mosby says the car wash has refused to pay for the damages, because although surveillance cameras show the car jolting forward, company officials say it's unclear from the video what caused that jolt to happen - whether it was a car wash malfunction or driver error.

When Mosby contacted the owner of the truck that rear-ended his Acura, they referred him to their insurance company, Erie Insurance. Erie sent Mosby a letter refusing to cover the repair saying their client isn't liable because of "conflicting stories with no independent witness."

"I was floored to find out neither one of them would take care of it," Mosby said. "I was hot, literally hot."

And that's when he reached out to 12 On Your Side.

"Bottom line is, I want my car fixed. If the truth has to come forward, if someone has to do it on good faith, I just want my car fixed. I think it's only right," said Mosby.

On Your Side Investigator Eric Philips contacted Rio by phone and by email with no response. He also reached out to Erie Insurance and a company rep said their customer had not given them permission to talk to me about this.

So, he called their customer directly, who said they just didn't know exactly what happened inside the car wash. They left it to their insurance company to investigate, and they'll stand by the insurance company's decision.

Meanwhile, Mosby is stuck holding the bag for a repair that, according to one estimate, will cost about $3,000. He says his next step is to head to court, hoping a judge will compel either the car wash or the insurance company to pay up.

"I think it's only right," Mosby said.

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