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Daughters of Chesterfield father killed in 2015 I-85 crash seek support in case

Ken Jefferson (Source: Facebook) Ken Jefferson (Source: Facebook)

For the first time, four daughters will face the man charged in their dad’s death.

Kenneth Jefferson, known as Ken or Networker, lost his life on the side of I-85 in North Carolina two years ago. He was standing with his motorcycle group, checking on a bike, when a tractor trailer swerved onto the shoulder.

Police believe the driver of that truck, Daniel Serna, may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. He’s accused of striking six bikers, killing two of them.
It’s reported he did not stop until nearly a mile down the road, when his vehicle became disabled.

Since that time, Serna has been behind bars, and Ken’s daughters have been trying to deal with the loss of their dad.

"We still have to tell ourselves he’s gone. If something happens, we say ‘call dad’, but we can’t call him," expressed his daughter Britney Jefferson.

Her sisters agree, saying every time they see a UPS truck or uniform, which is where their dad worked, they instantly think of their dad. Often, they ask the driver if they knew him.

"I re-live it every time I see a picture of him," said his oldest daughter, Whitney. "I’ll wear my shirt with his picture on it, and someone will stop me and ask how I knew him. When I tell them I’m his daughter, they’ll share stories about him."

Mostly funny stories, which sums up their dad’s comical character. Those interactions help the girls cope and make them realize the endless impact their dad had on the lives of others.

Now, as the days count down until Serna’s court date, they’re asking those people to support them.

"We had a lot of support during the funeral, and we’re hoping, we know it’s last minute, but we’re hoping for some [support] during the court date so [Serna and the judge] can see how loved and known he was, everywhere," shared his daughter, Kristin Jefferson.

The four daughters, who were raised by their single dad, hope Serna gets the maximum sentence. They’re also hoping he takes a plea deal on Monday so that they don’t have to re-live their dad’s death during a trial.

"We’re going to have to hear all the details of what happened. Everything is going to open back up," expressed Whitney.

They explain they had a closed casket during his funeral because, "that’s not the memory we wanted to have of our dad."

The family plans to be at the North Carolina courthouse in Guilford County on Monday at 10:30 a.m.

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