RVA Parenting: Navigating grocery delivery services

We also learned Kroger will start adding delivery services at some locations.

It's the way of the future. Online shopping has been taking on big retail box stores for some time now.  Now shopping online is getting easier.

You don't even have to get your kids out of a car seat to get your groceries or leave your house.

What's your best choice? We asked one of our RVA Parenting contributors, mom blogger Carissa Garabedian with Macaroni Kid Richmond to break it all down for us.

She says each one has its perks.

"I think Kroger offers great flexibility in your ability to choose when to pick it up," said Garabedian. "And they offer you like you can get on today and actually pick it up today, where as Walmart has a much longer window of time."

But when it comes to paying for that convenience, Walmart might be cheaper in the long run.

"Walmart doesn't charge for their pickup, which is nice," said Garabedian. "Kroger has a $5 charge after your first three, which are free."

Both allow you to use coupons. Kroger even shows your options while you're ordering, but watch out

"Your items can change in price," said Garbedian. "So, if I order today and pick up tomorrow, the price changes. It could go in my favor or not. And you don't know that until you go in there. "

Sometimes, there may be product substitutes.

"Walmart, I think has a lower price point with a lot of their goods," said Garabedian. "Like their cereals and breakfast foods and things that definitely come in lower. I like Amazon for a lot of pantry items and their paper towels, and there are some really good perks to Amazon."

As a Prime member, there is free shipping. If you set up for a recurring order, you get more money off.

If you get a "pantry box," you qualify for more savings.

"So, they're worth it for some, and they feel like their pricepoint is pretty comparable when you do some shopping around, because I try to compare the prices," said Garabedian.

Your best bet is to consider what's most important in your order: accuracy, time, or savings and go from there.

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