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Chesterfield police re-enforce training to combat car break-ins


Police are re-enforcing training to combat car break-ins.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of car-related crimes occurring in Chesterfield communities, namely larcenies from vehicles.

Unfortunately, as the weather turns warmer, the number of larcenies rise. This includes car break-ins which have been plaguing Chesterfield neighborhoods.

For the last few years, Chesterfield Police have used tactics to combat, respond, and investigate car break-ins. Recently, the department has sent out training materials to re-enforce existing training.

According to Capt. Andrea Riesmeyer, the training material explores how to respond to an incident, especially if it is already in progress.

She explained that most larceny suspects travel by foot, and because of the warmer weather, have the opportunity to hit more vehicles.

While there have been clusters of car break-ins happening in Chesterfield communities, police investigate to see if they are all connected.

There is no 'typical' suspect when it comes to car-related crimes. Teenagers were recently arrested in Chesterfield for car break-ins, but most suspects are fueled by their addiction.

Capt. Riesmeyer explained that what drives most of Chesterfield's larceny crimes is addiction, as suspects steal items to sell to fund their addiction.

Any time a person is arrested, police question that person about their crime-related history. They use tactics to connect that arrested person to other larceny crimes.

The best way to combat car break-ins is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Capt. Riesmeyer urges people to lock their vehicles, even in their own driveways. Police ask you to remain vigilant in your own neighborhoods and contact officers if you see anything suspicious.

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