Virginia man helps injured runner in Boston

BOSTON, MA (WWBT) - Four men were seen helping a fellow runner at the Boston Marathon, and one of the men is from Virginia.

Michael Leech said he could not help but notice the runner struggling to cross the finish line.

When the man almost fell, Michael said his adrenaline kicked in. He caught the man, and then he, along with three others, carried him to the finish line as a team.

"He said, 'I want to keep going.' [I asked,] 'Do you want to finish?' and he said, 'Yes, I want to finish. I can do it.' We helped him as much as we could," Leech said.

Their act of kindness was widely shared on social media, and the governor of Massachusetts even shared the heartwarming video.

Michael said he never expected the attention. He said he helped the injured runner because he would have wanted someone to do that for him.

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