Find the best antenna to watch NBC12

Find the best antenna to watch NBC12

If live in the Richmond area and recently "cut the cord," here's how you can still watch NBC12.

Several years ago, NBC12 was the only station in the area that was assigned a "VHF channel" by the FCC during the switch from analog to digital signals.

If your antenna does not have a good VHF capability, you'll experience problems with reception.

The best type of indoor antenna is one that has "rabbit ears" for VHF and a round or rectangular loop style. These typically work better than a flat antenna.

For outdoor antennas, older style antennas with long elements for VHF, and a separate section with shorter elements for UHF, are best.

A good VHF/UHF outdoor antenna mounted above the rooftop will provide the best possible reception.  An outdoor VHF/UHF antenna can be mounted in the attic but performance will be reduced.

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