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Aunt of baby in child abuse video: 'She stuffed the bag in his mouth!'


An extremely disturbing video of a child being abused, allegedly by his mother, is going viral on Facebook.

It was posted by his aunt, who lives in Richmond.  She says she posted it because she claims authorities in Humble, Texas - where the child lives - were not taking her calls for help seriously.

The images are deeply upsetting. NBC12 is choosing to only show a small portion of this video because the rest shows a one-year-old boy being severely abused.

"She stuffed the bag in his mouth, then he was throwing up, he was gagging," said the child's aunt Ra'Neicha Broadnax. "She burned him on his hands with cigarettes."

She says the abuser is allegedly the child's mother.

"In the video, you could hear her voice," she said.

Broadnax says the video was sent to the baby's father's new girlfriend.

"When I pressed play, I just immediately started crying, because my nephew was choking. He couldn't breathe. He was crying, she was punching
him in his face. I called the police," said Broadnax.

She says she had an address for Humble, Texas where she called the police department there.

"They said,  'Ma'am, did you see you're in Richmond, Virginia?' I said, 'Yes.' They said, 'Okay, I need you to call Richmond City Police.'  I said, 'What can Richmond City Police do when they are in Texas? I need somebody to do a welfare check or something!'  They said they couldn't," Broadnax explained.

So that's when Broadnax said she uploaded images of the abuse to Facebook, because she felt like that would get the department's attention.

"I want to say 30 minutes later, police departments from different states were calling me," said Broadnax. "Then finally, the Humble Police called, Child Protective Services called."

Now Broadnax says she was told the baby is now with other family members. The Humble Police Department says Harris County law enforcement is now taking the lead in the investigation, but they could not offer any other information about the child's mother.

A sergeant with the Humble Police Department says they take calls like this seriously, and a dispatcher told officers. The sergeant could not offer a timeline on the call.

A call to the Harris County Sheriff's office was not returned on Friday.

Broadnax tells us the mother's name is Janelle Paterkin, and according to online court records, she's now charged with endangering a child.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tells NBC12 that any time they receive a call about alleged child abuse, they will investigate it.

The baby's family here in Richmond says they want to take care of the child and are just waiting to hear back from police.

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