RVA Parenting: Tips to stay safe this Easter

RVA Parenting: Tips to stay safe this Easter
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Before you plan your Easter Egg hunt or buy your kids a new pet bunny, it's important to be aware of several safety warnings.

Pets like chicks and bunnies sound fun, but sometimes the animals can carry diseases, such as salmonella.

Children are more likely to get salmonella than adults because their immune systems aren't fully developed.

Don't allow pets on tables or anyplace else where food is prepared. And be sure if you do pet animals to wash your hands.

On your Easter egg hunt, don't hide eggs near electrical outlets, light sockets, or under or around glass.

Keep eggs at or below eye level of children and make sure you keep track of how many you hide.

When outside, don't hide them in any pre-existing holes in the ground or trees.

Also avoid animal homes and food.

If you use real hard boiled eggs, you shouldn't eat any that have been left out for several hours.


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