RVA Parenting: Activities and Tips for the week of April 17

RVA Parenting: Activities and Tips for the week of April 17

(WWBT) - Blogger Sarah Wade has a list of weekly activities for moms who have children of a variety of ages. The purpose of her list is to encourage social interaction for children that stay home and moms that might feel home bound or are discouraged for various reasons to venture out on their own.

This week's activity of the week is ARC Park Richmond.

The Richmond ARC Park is open everyday from dawn until dusk, weather permitting, and is free to the public. Located at 3600 Saunders Ave. in Richmond, ARC is the first of its kind in Richmond catering to children of all ages and abilities, most park features are handicap accessible!

ARC has an entire days worth of activities and features packed into one park! There are multiple playgrounds that are separated by age group. No more waiting in line for a swing, ARC has plenty of swings for everyone including wheelchair-accessible swings. There is a large tree house feature, water play, and an incredible multi-sensory wall with panels to stimulate touch, hearing and sight.

To make your visit more enjoyable they offer a shaded pavilion with nine picnic tables for snack time or a picnic lunch as well as adult size changing tables and charging stations for wheelchairs. This is the perfect activity if you are looking to get out of the house this week for spring break or if you are looking to shake up your usual park routine. Give ARC a try it will be your new favorite park spot!

My on the go tip of the week: Snack time and food allergy awareness.

"I am hungry" ... these words are muttered to me every time we leave the house. Since we are always on the go I hear this phrase a lot! Children are wired to love snacks, whether it is my one year old or my three year old they are always snacking.

Do you ever think about the snacks you are packing for your children? Maybe you are getting together with a couple of friends for a play date at the ARC Park and you want to bring snacks to share. If you come from a house that doesn't have food allergies then food allergens are something that can often slip your mind because it is understandably not on your radar.

Listen, I am not going to tell you to make sure all food that you take on the go is safe for every single child at the park that would be impossible. What I am suggesting is to be more aware of any allergies or sensitivities with in your immediate group.

How can I relate? Up until recently I never concerned myself with allergies, very simply because my children didn't have them. A couple of months ago my youngest daughter started having some allergy related issues, we didn't know what was causing the problems, and it was a very challenging time for our family. I am happy to say we were able to get things under control with her, but this experience has opened my eyes to the scary possibility of any child not just my own having an allergic reaction.
The message I want to leave you with … Next time you head out to the park or to a play date, be cautious of sharing snacks. If you see a small toddler pick up a goldfish from the ground try to see if you can slide it away, that way you can avoid a scary situation for a fellow mom.

These very small actions and making an effort to be more aware can make a big difference! As I have said before we are all on the same team, let's look out for one another.

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