RESTAURANT REPORT: High numbers of violations at 2 restaurants

RESTAURANT REPORT: High numbers of violations at 2 restaurants

High numbers of violations were found by health inspectors at two restaurants in tonight's Restaurant Report.

12 problems noted in one restaurant, 19 in another.  Violations ranged from foods sitting at room temperature, to employees going from sweeping the floor to preparing food without washing their hands. But they have both corrected the problems.

Vietnam Garden Restaurant at 9031 West Broad Street in Henrico had a whopping 3 priority violations, 8 priority foundation, and 7 core violations on its last health inspection.  The report says employees engaged in food prep after doing dishes and and sweeping the floor without washing their hands.  It also says a slicer, the mandolins, and some knives were dirty. Ten violations were corrected on the spot.  When the inspector returned three weeks later, Vietnam Garden had one priority and 3 priority foundation violations and three were corrected right away.

Up next, Don Papa Grande at 12806 Jefferson Davis Highway had 3 priority violations, plus four priority foundation and 5 core.  The inspector wrote that a pan of scallops was thawing at room temperature, and enchilada and cheese sauce were not kept hot enough on the cookline steam table.  Those and four other violations were corrected right away.  When the inspector returned two weeks later, all but three core violations were fixed.

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