CoStar is hiring about 230 workers in Richmond this year

CoStar is hiring about 230 workers in Richmond this year

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - CoStar is hiring hundreds of people in Richmond right now. The company chose to move to Richmond over North Carolina because of that state's controversial bathroom bill.

CoStar Group is the parent company to many websites. If you've looked for an apartment on, then you've done business with CoStar. It owns that website, as well as,,, and, which features commercial real estate. Plus, they are partnered with the Move family of websites, including and

"About 25 million people shop on our websites each month for real estate," said founder and CEO Andy Florance.

CoStar has a staff of 3000 in offices around the world. Last year, the company decided to move its D.C. research headquarters to Richmond.

Florance says Richmond has colleges providing the trained staff they need, plus a lower cost of living, arts, culture and restaurants. There was one more reason that tipped the scale.

"We definitely believe in marriage equality and equal rights," said Florance.

Florance says the company chose Richmond over Charlotte because of North Carolina's bathroom bill, which required transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding to their sex at birth. The bill has since been overturned after several sports organizations and companies, including CoStar, pulled business from the state.

"It would be inconsistent for us to make a large investment in a city that had abridged the rights of a significant population of the United States," said Florance.

CoStar is now moving in and remodeling the former West Rock building on Richmond's riverfront.

"We like an open workspace, a high-energy environment," said Florance. "We also want to have really nice amenities, workout space, one cafeteria on the first floor, and we're building a second cafeteria on the top floor."

The company has already hired about 500 workers in Richmond and plans to hire about 230 more this year.

"One of the most important jobs are the people who work with the brokers, the developers, the owners of commercial real estate," said Florance.

Plus he says they need managers and specialists.

"We need geographers that do digital mapping systems. We need people that do decision analytics, software developers, database administrators, recruiters, marketing/communications people," he told us.

Applicants can apply through

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