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Homeowner: contractor made a mess of his Richmond home

Source: NBC12 Source: NBC12
Paint on the carpet (Source: NBC12) Paint on the carpet (Source: NBC12)
Paint dripping down the wall (Source: NBC12) Paint dripping down the wall (Source: NBC12)
Paint in the kitchen sink (Source: NBC12) Paint in the kitchen sink (Source: NBC12)

Ronald Hopkins says he and his wife are beyond dissatisfied with the job done by LaKeith Higgs, who owns LA Paint services, after the family hired the contractor last month to paint their downstairs.

Mr. Hopkins showed 12 On Your Side around their Richmond home to explain why they feel that way.

"This here needs another coat,"  Hopkins said. "Spots, spots, spots, spots. They were cleaning their brushes here - that's paint right there. Used my ladder and got paint all over it. I told him about my ladder. He used my bucket, got paint all over my bucket."

The home is in disarray.

"Furniture's all messed up, it is, and it's been like that for two weeks, waiting on them to come back. They promised my wife they would, and they did not," Hopkins said.

The family says Higgs responded to an ad they put on Angie's list and that he initially told them he was licensed and insured - only to later admit he was not.

Even though they've paid out all of the $1,200 stipulated in the contract with him, they say he did part of the job and stopped. They say he only applied one coat of paint, not two, like the contract says. Plus outlet covers are not reinstalled, smudges everywhere and workers did not clean up. An aggravating experience.

"Especially when you call them over and over again. I'm very frustrated," Hopkins said.

NBC12's Eric Philips called Higgs, who did not want to go on camera. He said what happened here is not his responsibility, because another contractor working with him was supposed to finish the job. He says the family even gave that contractor part of the payment.

The family insists their contract was with Higgs and no one else, and he should make sure it's done correctly. Higgs told Eric Philips by phone he would contact the family this week and set a time to do some touch up work.

That hasn't happened.

Mr. Hopkins says he last talked to Higgs more than a week ago.

"I told him the other day, if he couldn't do it, give us $600 back so we can have somebody else come by and fix his mistake," Hopkins said.

A consumer expert tells 12 On Your Side the family can file a lawsuit against Higgs under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. They also say the family should also file complaints with the VA Consumer Protection Division and the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

Most of all, experts say when dealing with a contractor you don't know, you should always verify whatever they tell you.

"It's sloppy, it's real sloppy," Hopkins said.

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