Remedy fixes errors to lower medical bills

Remedy fixes errors to lower medical bills

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you've ever gotten a medical bill and thought it was too much - you may have been right!

Billing mistakes are common and most of us just pay them without ever asking any questions.

Our Diva of Discounts discovered a simple way to never overpay.

"I'm an occupational therapist, therapy director with Paradise Home Care and I also founded my own website,," said Adam Parsons.

Needless to say, Parsons is familiar with the medical field. So when he got a really expensive bill for a common procedure, he said "it
was going to be over a thousand dollars."

That's when he put Remedy into action.

CEO Victor Echevarria explains that "we found that 8 out 10 bills that we looked at were incorrect."

Adam sent his insurance information and his detailed, audited bill to Remedy, then their team analyzed it to find the problems. Remedy staff communicated with the service provider and his bill d ropped dramatically.

Parsons was shocked.

"On that bill alone, Remedy was able to save me over $800," he said.

"It went from, 'hey I can help other people,' to a personal vendetta against the problem," said Echevarria.

Soon after starting Remedy, the CEO's son had a seizure. He went to the ER, and was fortunately OK, but then came those sky high bills.

"We handed these bills off to the Remedy specialists, and all of them went to zero. $12,000 in bills that went to zero. Everything was wrong in some way, shape or form," said Echevarria.

If Remedy can lower your bill, their cut is 20 percent of the money you save.

"You have billable codes and non-billable codes; 90-plus ways to code an angioplasty. So there (are) lots of ways to mess that up and that's where we see a good chunk of the errors," said Echevarria.

Remedy's fee is capped at $99 even if they knock thousands off your total. And if there is nothing to be saved, there is no cost for trying which is why every medical bill Adam receives goes to Remedy just in case.

"So that's one thing you can worry about less and focus more on your health," said Parsons with a smile.

Remedy can also run checks on bills you've already paid, usually if they're less than a year old.  If you think you've been charged too much, click here to get started.

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