Grandmother gets new beds for family

Grandmother gets new beds for family

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A grandmother's emotional plea for new beds was answered on Thursday. A Richmond-area company arrived early Thursday morning with beds for all the grandchildren, and their mother, who is in the hospital right now, is fighting cancer. The children had been sleeping on the floor, so their grandmother turned to "12 On Your Side" for help.

It's a beautiful sight four new beds, a $3,500 gift from Mattress Warehouse. No more sleepless nights or waking up on a hard floor or sitting on a bed that folds up into a V because it's old and broken.

This means less stress for a grandmother and kids, who pray that their mom becomes cancer free and returns home.

"I'm just overwhelmed with excitement for them that they all have a proper place to sleep, and they all can be comfortable and my daughter can come home to a comfortable bed," said grandmother Melissa Bumbalough.

The beds will last the test of time.

"They're state of the art as far as the technology inside of them. Great for your spinal alignment [and] pressure relief, so we really think that Tiffany is going to get the things that she needs out of this. It bolsters the entire staff here at Mattress Warehouse in Richmond to be able to do something like this for these nice folks," said Mattress Warehouse General Sales Manager Chris Stinnett.

Bumbalough was able to purchase additional furnishings from Caritas Furniture Bank for a small amount after getting a referral from her social worker.

"Richmond is a perfect example. We can provide a lot for our own, and the furniture bank is totally run on donations. We collect from Corporate institutions, companies, [and] individuals. It's enough to serve over 900 families a year with household furnishings," said Caritas Chief Operating Officer Karen O'Brien

Caritas helps move people from crisis to stability. The organization has volunteers who have come every week for eight years to build tables, bed frames, night stands, sort donations, organize them and help clients shop.

"To a lot of the clients, it's a new start, and it helps them to be able to focus on other things in their life without that financial hurdle being right there, [such as] not having a bed for their child to sleep on [or] not having a table to eat at or to do homework with their child. It really gives them a boost, I think," said O'Brien.

Grandma Melissa is awestruck by the community's compassion.

"I'm just feeling so blessed for my family and blessed for all the people that have come together to make this happen and thankful," Bumbalough said.

To help Caritas through a donation or volunteering, call them at 804-358-0964 or click here to visit their website.

The furniture bank is the only resource of its kind in Central Virginia.

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