RESTAURANT REPORT: Dead roaches & no proof of professional pest treatment

RESTAURANT REPORT: Dead roaches & no proof of professional pest treatment

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico take-out restaurant had some dead roaches, and was only rinsing some utensils in water, according to their last health inspection report.  The Chinese restaurant was not only written up for the roaches, but for using pesticides themselves.

That's a violation because the Health Department requires professional pest treatments to make sure they're performed properly and that cans of harmful chemicals aren't sitting in restaurant kitchens.

It happened at China House, a take-out restaurant at 4703 East Nine Mile Road in Eastern Henrico.  The inspection report shows 5 priority violations, 3 priority foundation, and 7 core violations.

The report says cooked noodles were stored in a cardboard box that held raw animal product, some dishes and utensils were only rinsed in water and not washed, and there were several dead roaches in the facility.  The inspector noted there were pesticides the staff had used, but no proof of the required professional treatment.

China House's Helen Chen told us that has since been rectified.  "We do everything clean.  We called the company and cleaned out and he did the (pesticide) everywhere."

She pulled out receipts showing the recent professional treatment, and showed us their follow-up inspection report, which states every violation has been corrected.

Up next, Mojo's at 733 West Cary Street in Richmond had to throw out some food twice because it was sitting more than 7 days in the fridge.  It had 3 priority violations, 2 priority foundation, and 7 core violations on its last inspection, including that black beans, cheese, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw were held more than 7 days.  That and some other violations were fixed on the spot.  When the inspector returned in ten days, everything was correct except, again, some cheese was held past seven days.  They threw it out.


This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award winner is Rico's Mexican Restaurant at 13728 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield.  It's website says at Rico's, it's always Mexican made from scratch.  And it's always clean, acing five health inspections.

"Everyday, we clean the floor, booths, tables, everything," said owner Jorge Ramirez.

He points out his restaurant even smells clean when customers walk in.  "For the customer, for entering a restaurant this is very clean."

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