On Your Side: Grandmother needs help while daughter battles cancer

On Your Side: Grandmother needs help while daughter battles cancer
Tiffany Sweet Gomez (Source: Family photo)
Tiffany Sweet Gomez (Source: Family photo)
Source: NBC12
Source: NBC12

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A grandmother's heartbreaking plea for beds and furniture, while her 30-year-old daughter is in the hospital fighting cancer, resonated with several businesses that stepped up to help.

It's been an overwhelming ordeal for the Henrico woman, who is now the sole provider for her three grandchildren. 12 On Your Side didn't waste any time finding companies to help. It's taken us several days to work out the logistics, but the first part came together Tuesday thanks to Andre Neita with Professional Moving and Storage.

The dire cancer diagnosis hit just before Tiffany Sweet Gomez's 30th birthday, and her compromised immune system is why Tiffany's mom is focused on getting her home in order quickly.

"My main goal right now is to make sure my daughter has a decent bed to lay in when she comes home from the hospital," said Melissa Bumbalough. "It sags down to where the top comes up and the bottom comes up in a V. It doesn't provide her with support. She's having to sleep in a crevice, lay in a crevice."

Tiffany's three children sleep on Grandma's floor, the oldest daughter on a camping cot covered with blankets.

"It's just uncomfortable to sleep with the metal on the side sometimes and just being on this makes all the squeaky noises sometimes. I miss having a bigger space to move around," said the 9-and-a-half-year-old.

The youngest sleeps on a pallet of quilts on the floor, and sometimes she gets scared.

"I don't like it, because sometimes at night, it scares me, because under the bed, I just get scared, because it's harder to see stuff," said the 7-year-old.

Her grandmother asked a touching question: "Do you want a new bed for you and Mommy?"

Her grandchild responded: "Yeah! I want my own this time."

When your Mom has cancer, the diagnosis comes with challenges, but from big brother to baby sister, they are team players who work to make hard days better. Bumbalough says she cries sometimes.

"It's very hard. I save my emotions for when the kids are in bed at night and go sit on the porch and have a good cry," said Bumbalough.

I texted the owner of Professional Moving and Storage about the family. Tuesday morning, he had four guys and a huge truck outside Caritas, a charitable organization that helps struggling families.

"Oh yeah. I love that type of giving to the community, just seeing a smile on somebody else's face, that really makes a difference," said company owner Andre Neita.

Bumbalough was able to get just about everything she needs. The big surprise  is coming in two days. It's all arranged.

"I'm so blessed this has been an awesome day," said Bumbalough.

NBC 12 received an email from Mattress Warehouse. The General manager there says they are 100% in on making this happen. Beds for the children and their Mom will be delivered on Thursday.

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