On Your Side Alert: This IRS form is not a scam

On Your Side Alert: This IRS form is not a scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We always tell you about IRS scammers, hoping to take advantage of your money. This time, we're warning you about a real form that some of you are confusing as a scam. You don't want to throw this one away!

Victoria Walk almost did. She never misses NBC12, and because of that, she's very cautious about making sure she's protecting herself.

"Channel 12 is always listing all these scams, so now I'm perpetually paranoid about that comes in the mail," explained Walk, a loyal viewer.

When a letter came about her taxes, asking her to send in prior returns, she didn't believe it.

"But, there wasn't a perforation and it just didn't look legit when I saw it," she elaborated.

She wasn't alone. We got several emails asking if these forms, were the real deal - and they are. The IRS is taking extra steps this year to help protect against identity theft.

But you can never be too careful. It was smart of Victoria to pay attention.

The IRS does have a page you can go to, to search forms and make sure they're real.

I checked Victoria's - you type the form number into the search engine of the browser and all the information comes up to confirm, this is not a scam. In this case, she had received a 4883C.

If you're not sure, you can follow Victoria's lead and get a professional - like a certified accountant - to help you too.

"Apparently, somebody had tried to file the taxes in our name," said Victoria. "In our Social Security numbers. So we had to fill out an affidavit, sign it, and send it off with a paper copy of our taxes. We couldn't file electronically because of what was occurring."

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