RVA Parenting: Fun activities for week of March 20

RVA Parenting: Fun activities for week of March 20

Sarah Wade coordinates "Active Moms & Awesome Babies" and shares fun activities by week for RVA Parenting.

Here's her list for the Week of March 20:

Activity of the Week: Youth Studio at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. If you have not tried one of the youth art classes at VMFA you are missing out! Teachers Ms. Lori and Ms. April create a learning environment for kids ages 3 months – 5 years that encourages a love of the arts at an early age. Each class is made up of age appropriate playtime, art lessons, and projects. You do need to register for these classes in advance; you can sign up through the
VMFA Website, or by calling the museum. The classes do fill up quickly, so you will want to head over and sign up as soon as possible. The price is $13 per child for museum members and $15 for non members. Once you try one class you will be hooked! This will be you and your child's new favorite activity, I guarantee it!

"My baby is too little for these activities"... is this a phrase you have told yourself? I think every mom reaches a point where they are ready to get out and go, but feel like their child isn't there yet. How can my 4 month old participate in these events? I am here to tell you that they can, and I will tell you how.

First a little background; I started my playgroup when my first daughter was only four months old. This was purely for selfish reasons; I needed to get out of the house! I didn't have a clue what to do and I had no "mom" friends. So I left my comfort zone and threw myself and my daughter into every activity I could dig up. Some were age appropriate and some not so much, but what I discovered is that this "baby age" is magical! You can do pretty much anything, this is when you can explore and try new things, establish your mom squad, get a lay of the land. All while your baby is nestled inside a carrier or a stroller. Trust me it's much easier to do these things now vs. when you have a threenager.

To the new mom sitting on the sofa with a fussy baby that wants to nurse constantly, or needs to be walked around the house for hours at a time (My child), it is you that deserves to get out the most! I challenge you to do this for yourself mom, go ahead and sign up for one of the art classes, don't be fearful of the unknown, you've got this!