RESTAURANT REPORT: two restaurants told to throw out food

RESTAURANT REPORT: two restaurants told to throw out food

Health inspectors told two restaurants to throw out some food on their last health inspections. One had food past the discard date, the other had food sitting at unhealthy temperatures.

Burger King inside the Walmart at 12000 Ironbridge Road in Chesterfield had four priority violations and two core violations. The report says there were small flies or gnats by the rear food prep area and mop sink.

The inspector also told them to throw out the chicken nuggets because they were not being kept hot enough. When the inspector returned the next week, everything was corrected except the burger char grill equipment, which still needed to be repaired. We left a message for the manager, but have not heard back yet.

Q Grill at 5401 Glenside Drive in Henrico had five priority violations, two priority violations and six core violations. The report says the slicer, panini grill, and flat top grill all needed cleaning, and the salami, corned beef, and white sauce were being held past their discard date.

They were told to throw it out, which they did and corrected six violations during the inspection. The Health Department says a new owner has just applied for a permit to take over the restaurant.  We called the restaurant, but the owner owner declined to talk with us.

We gave this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to The Hungry Turtle food truck, serving Vietnamese and Asian fusion cuisine.

"It's great. We take a lot of pride in what we serve and what we serve it out of. We spend a lot of time cooking the food and cleaning up and doing everything. So it's great to have some recognition for that," said owner Tony Woolcott.

The Hungry Turtle has been acing health inspections, a big feat for a mobile kitchen that's inspected often.

"We have our normal inspection with the health inspector, and beyond that we have inspections for weekend festivals," said Woolcott. "So theoretically, we could be inspected 20 to 25 times a year."

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