IRS owes some VA residents money

IRS owes some VA residents money
Residents can chime in on Henrico's $1.3 billion plan. (Source: File photo)

(WWBT) - Uncle Sam could owe you hundreds of dollars, and you don't even know it. Right now, the government is sitting on nearly a billion dollars in unclaimed tax money.

Here's the catch. You only have one month to claim it.

The IRS owes Virginians nearly $29,000,000, but the money is for Virginians who didn't file a 2013 income tax return. A lot of those folks were students at the time and didn't make enough that year to owe income tax, so they never filed a return.

However, they should have because they were actually owed a refund check, thanks to tax credits or tax withheld from paychecks.

NBC12 did a little digging and discovered there are 29,000 Virginians owed money and the average amount of the refund is $752.

If you owe back child support or you've defaulted on federal student loans, your refund may be used to pay those debts.

You only have three years to file and claim the money, which means the deadline to file a 2013 return is this April 18.

You can ask your employer for your old W-2 forms if you don't have them, or you can get those documents directly from the IRS.

Click here to get the forms from the IRS website.

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