RVA Parenting: Music, class and avoiding the dreaded car nap

RVA Parenting: Music, class and avoiding the dreaded car nap

(WWBT) - What are your plans to get out and get moving this week? We have help to get you going from Active Moms & Awesome Babies. Here are Sarah Wade's activity list and survival tips for the week of March 13.

Activity of the Week: Grove Avenue Baptist Church Music and Movement Class

One of Richmond's hidden gems, a must try for moms with kids between the ages of 10 months and 4 years. Price is $5 per class, and they only take cash or check. The class is located in room 105 of Grove Ave Baptist Church and classes are offered on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30, 10:15, and 11 a.m. They also have a play area and story times from 9-11am, so you are able to spend the whole morning if you like. There is music and dancing with different themes weekly; this is a fun option if you have multiple children of varying ages. A great feature is that this class is drop in, no need to sign up ahead of
time; stop in wherever you feel like it!

Morning activities and nap time: During my three years as a mom, I have noticed that often moms will write off morning activities due to their kids' nap schedules. Usually thinking that if there are only a couple of hours between morning nap, then lunch, and finally afternoon nap, what is the point? This is something that I struggled with in the beginning as well. I am here to tell you that filling those 2 or 3 hours with a kid-friendly activity (maybe once a week), will make all the difference. It will make for longer afternoon naps (score), much deserved social time for kids and mom, and it motivates you get up and going. I find that these days are the ones where I am most productive. I challenge you next time you are asked to meet a friend for a 10 a.m. park date, or attend the 10:15 class at Grove Ave., give it a try, after all, two hours is an entire viewing of Frozen plus a Doc McStuffins. It seems like a lifetime now doesn't it?

Combating the dreaded car nap: So I have convinced you to get out and go during those awkward in-between hours; your babies have just enjoyed some wonderful playtime and now they are sleepy. If your kids are like mine, 60 seconds of a car nap equals no nap at home. So how do you keep a sleepy little one awake in the car? These are my tried and true tips: 1) eat lunch on the way home; this is great for my 3-year-old. I throw together a quick bento box for her to have in the car, she is occupied, awake, and I don't have to worry about lunch when I get home. 2) Roll down the windows, this is a great option for younger ones who aren't ready for car eating. The noise combined with a quick burst of fresh air normally does the trick. 3) My personal favorite and most effective way to keep kids of all ages awake, a squirt bottle. I know it might sound outrageous, but it works! A quick mist when they start to doze off and those little eyes will shoot open! Plus its fun for everyone!

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