Boxed and delivered meal deals

Boxed and delivered meal deals

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Boxed meals, delivered to your home, are the hot new trend. It makes cooking simple for those of us with limited time or culinary skills, but are they worth what you pay for them?

Super saver Anjie Kay noticed, "I just kept seeing them pop up on my Facebook page. It would offer me this box at $40 off and I was thinking at $40 off there wouldn't be much more I had to pay."

That started Anjie's journey to into boxed meal delivery. There about a dozen different companies offering this service and most have a tempting introductory offer to get you to try it.

"After I tried one, I said, I'm going to try them all." she says.

She ordered a box from Green Chef, which contains three meals that serve two. She was thrilled at the price.

"I only paid $9. I will pay that all day long."

Plus, it came with three coupons for the same $9 deal that she can give away. After getting the box, she puts the account on hold so she's not charged full price for next month's delivery. She then refers her friends and family for credit or other offers.

"You use a referral link, then you get another introductory rate again." Anjie explains.

Anjie has a new culinary sense of adventure - cooking things she's never bought.

"We added Brussel sprouts to our salad, and I would have never done that in a million years. They're fabulous, they're time-saving, delicious, there's no waste. I could sing their praises all day long, but I'm not going to pay $90 for three meals."

So I dipped into Kroger to see what it would cost to put this meal together. The 10 ingredients add up to $33.35 - the full-priced delivered version is actually cheaper. But the boxes only supply what's needed to prepare the meal - no leftovers. If you bought the items in the store, you'd have a lot left from six of the 10 products.

But Anjie is a super saver and would never pay full price. She'll keep getting them as long as it's discounted...and it's upping her talents in the kitchen.

"She said, 'mom, this is the best fish I've ever had,' and I was like, 'okay great, I made it.'" she laughs.

Anjie has all those intro deals, plus a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect for each company, on her website:

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