NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The future is bright for Chesterfield

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The future is bright for Chesterfield

By: Kym Grinnage email

This week, I had the pleasure of having dinner with the leadership of the county that is near and dear to my heart: Chesterfield. Of course, I am a little biased, because I have lived here for 26 years and I love it.

This dinner was hosted by the Chesterfield Business Council of Chamber RVA with leadership from the Board of Supervisors, the School Board and business professionals.

There is something magical about having constructive conversations over a meal. I find that you get to know people better and you find that there is a lot of common ground.

Like most of the region, Chesterfield has the blessing and challenge of dealing with growth and change, and that cuts across all aspects of daily life, including education, safety, jobs, housing, lifestyle and an aging population.

One of the most interesting things we discussed was how do we continue to have a region and a county that remains the place where millennials want to call home after they finish their education.

We should feel comfortable in knowing that the leadership has a plan, they are optimistic, and has this as job one. I believe we will meet the challenge, but our job as citizens is to stay involved in the process.

Remember, a home is what you make it.

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