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RVA Parenting: New to Richmond? Don't despair. Great things are in store!

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Richmond Moms Blog: if you’re moving to Richmond, don’t despair. You’ll love it.

Richmond is a fantastic city for families with young children. If you just moved here, you probably don’t know that yet. Welcome! I was in your shoes two short years ago when my husband was offered a new position in Glen Allen. We soon moved to Richmond with our two-year-old and six-month-old boys in tow. At the time, I felt absolutely overwhelmed by how little I knew about the area, and I longed to move back to Crozet, VA, our former town nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains (oh, how I missed the mountains!). In Crozet, we had friends within walking distance, family only 15 minutes away, and familiar destinations that the kids and I loved to frequent. How on earth was I going to raise my children outside of our (literal and metaphorical) village? I stayed at home with my boys–what on earth would be do with our time in a new place? What about a preschool? Pediatrician? Where could I find the nearest Target?! It was daunting, discouraging, and downright scary.Well, eventually I found my footing and (much to my surprise) became a convert. Richmond is awesome, I promise. Give it a chance, and you will love it too. Here’s a little advice to help you feel more at home, or at least get you out of the house and away from the moving boxes ASAP.

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