Scam letter to claim millions sent to Henrico woman

Scam letter to claim millions sent to Henrico woman

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico woman received a letter in the mail promising her millions of dollars if only she would work with a banker in Switzerland.  Her money and information were at stake because the letter was a scam.

Diana Garland is sharing what happened to protect others. She says she knew from the start that something was off with the letter she received, which came from a man only known as "Roger" claiming to be a banker with an odd claim.

"[He said] that one of his clients died and left money, so they're unclaimed funds," Garland said. "They searched for the person who was supposed to receive the benefits, but that person happened to be named my name."

"Roger" claimed that Diana Garland had died,  "so they had my name," said Garland. "[They] found me, sent me this letter and said if I would participate with them, we could claim that money, and both of us would get rich because it was $9 million. Well, I knew right away that it was a scam because of, first of all, it's mail fraud."

You cannot legally claim money this way. How the letter arrived should be another red flag.

"I thought that's pretty weird that they're sending me a letter from a Swiss bank that's postmarked in Oakland," said Garland.

They wanted Diana to call or email for further information. Instead, she called NBC12 On Your Side.

"I decided that I would contact WWBT 12 and let you know about this other scam because this is the first time I've heard of this one," explained Garland.

Diana says the scammer knew a lot about her.

"You can Google and find most anything, and that's what makes us all so susceptible to fraud nowadays. People can get your phone numbers. They can get your email addresses, and they can get that without hacking."

However, knowing this means she knew enough not to call the scammer back, and she hopes that sharing her story will protect some of you at home as well.

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