12 On Your Side helps amputee's family get new ramp

12 On Your Side helps amputee's family get new ramp

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two days after our initial story aired about how much Linwood Seward's wife, Sarah, was struggling to get him and her mother in and out of the house, workers with Mobility Supercenter were there to install a brand new ramp.

"Ain't no way in the world I can thank you," Linwood said.  "It's wonderful, this is what love's about, here."

Mr. Seward is a recent amputee, his mother-in-law a triple stroke patient with congestive heart failure.  There had been several accidents as Sarah worked to transport both of them.

The day after our story aired, she got a call from Macarthur Henley with Mobility Supercenter.  He had worked with the family before and even knows them personally. He wanted to help,  our story accelerated the process.

"I knew they needed help and I knew we had the equipment available for them to use," Henley said.

"Mac called and said I got a situation, I've got it taken care of, I just need you to say yay or nay," said Kaye Crenshaw, owner of Mobility Supercenter.  "It was a no-brainer for me."

The very next day, the ramp was a reality.

"And I just love it and I love the people that doing it and I love you for coming and sharing this story," Linwood said.

"And for them to be so grateful for it, it's just eye-opening and it hits you right at the heart," Henley said.

Dozens reached out to 12 On Your Side to help the Seward's after seeing their story, and they are so thankful.

"And I know it had to be the lord somewhere in there," Linwood said.

Ironically, while the ramp was being installed, Sarah Seward's mother became ill and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  The ramp was immediately helpful in getting her out of the house. The 78-year-old is in ICU in stable condition.

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