Dinwiddie school launches investigation after racial slur is shown in class

Dinwiddie school launches investigation after racial slur is shown in class

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - An investigation is underway into a racial slur used in a Dinwiddie classroom on Monday.

According to Randy Johnson, the principal of Dinwiddie High School, the vulgarity popped up on a screen in front of a Driver's Ed class when students were reviewing for an upcoming test.

The teacher was utilizing Kahoot!, an instructional technology that encourages student engagement, where students log in electronically. Johnson explained that one student logged in with an inappropriate name that is considered a racial slur.

As soon as the teacher saw the slur on the screen, Johnson said the teacher immediately shut down the program and contacted administration.

The technology team has been going through the program in an attempt to trace it back to which student typed in the inappropriate word.

Johnson stressed the school is taking the issue very seriously and has been investigating thoroughly, interviewing the 27 students in the classroom one by one while the IT team worked through the website.

The principal describes the issue as an isolated classroom incident and says once the student is identified there will be appropriate disciplinary actions put into place.

The incident happened at the end of Monday's last period class before students went home for the day when a picture of the screen started circulating on social media platforms.

Johnson explained the school immediately launched an investigation before the picture was posted on social media.

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