On Your Side Alert: Woman warns of skimming experience in Henrico area

On Your Side Alert: Woman warns of skimming experience in Henrico area

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A woman fell victim to skimming when she stopped by an ATM to get some money, and she did not think it would happen to her.

Charmaine Charity is midway through a nightmare of checking statements and making calls to the bank to reclaim her money and her financial security.

"I've seen the segment before about it and never paid attention to it," confessed Charity. "I'm like, 'Are you serious?' And now it's me. Nobody thinks it's going to happen to them."

Charmaine Charity says she stopped by an ATM on the way to an event with her family to grab some cash, and she thought nothing of it.

A day or so later, she got the call from the bank.

"She said, 'We've put up a red flag,'" said Charity. "Someone's been using your account number, and I'm like, 'How is that possible if I have my card?' She said most likely a skimming device on an ATM machine."

Police are actively investigating the case right now.

Charmaine showed her statement where the crooks went shopping at Walgreens and Target on her dime.

Thankfully, her bank protection kicked in, and she will get the money back. However, she had to deal with a headache of phone calls and inconveniences along the way.

"I haven't been able to access my account or any of the cash left for a week," said Charity. "I had bills that I paid with checks that were coming through that Monday. The bank honored that for me, but it still took my account to a negative state. I still had to wait on them to refund all that money to bring my account back up to a positive balance. I mean, I had money, but I didn't have money. That was kinda rough."

Charity reached out to warn others. She has seen our warnings over and over, which is why she says she is the perfect person to say it can happen to you.

"So I just wanted people to be aware of it and more cautious of how they use their card and who is using the card," said Charity.  "Watch around you because I actually did see a few people standing off to the side that night, but I didn't pay it any mind. Just be careful."

You can always pay in cash to avoid skimming. Reduce your chances of being a victim by using a machine in a well-lit, busy area.

Some machines even have stickers across the access point so you can tell if the access has been impacted.

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