RESTAURANT REPORT: Food temps and fish candies

RESTAURANT REPORT: Food temps and fish candies

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The Health Department wrote up a couple of restaurants for improper food temperatures and told one to stop serving a certain kind of candy.

It's a popular candy sold in Asian markets and restaurants that's shaped like little Koi fish. But young children can choke on them, so the restaurant stopped offering them to ensure that wouldn't happen.

The restaurant was Viet Huong at 10201 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield, which had three priority violations, two priority foundation, and four core violations. The inspector wrote they should discontinue selling Rainbow Agar because the label reads, "Warning: do not feed to children under 3 years old."

"The kids can get it stuck in the throat. She say 'you don't sell that one.' I say okay. I return the supply [to] the supermarket," said owner Anthony La,

La said they quickly corrected all the violations. He showed us they make sure meat is thawed under running water and they check to be sure food under a heat lamp stays at least the required 135 degrees.

The follow-up inspection report a week later says all violations were corrected.

La told us he checks with customers to make sure they're satisfied.

"Customers are very happy. I go and check and make sure everything is good and 'you tell me?' and they say 'yes, very good.'"

Up next, Metro Diner at 11525 West Broad Street in Henrico had three priority violations, three priority foundation and two core violations. The report says some employees didn't wash their hands before food prep, foods were sitting at improper temperatures on a prep unit, and the slicer wasn't clean.

The restaurant's operating partner sent us a statement saying:

Metro Diner takes food safety extremely serious. All team members are trained and tested in food safety and we go above and beyond to ensure best practices are maintained by using an independent health inspection company to conduct unannounced inspections at our diners. The County health inspector's observations were corrected immediately and he was satisfied that we were operating in accordance with all food regulations.

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