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RVA Parenting: Study unlocks possible way to identify autism

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A new study suggests it may be possible to predict whether an infant will develop autism.

It all has to do with brain volume.

Apparently overgrowth in the first year of life can indicate if a child will be at higher risk for developing autism spectrum disorder.

Researchers looked at two groups of infants: a high-risk group of infants who had an older sibling with autism, and a low-risk group of infants with no history of autism.

Researchers followed their brain sizes.

At 24 months, the kids who developed autism had significantly bigger brains.

The study was relatively small and more research is needed before this can be widely used. But it's significant, because over and over research has shown that early intervention is key to help children with autism.

This would help with identifying children even earlier, so there is a lot of excitement about that.

Click here to read the study, which was published in the journal Nature.

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