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Richmond artist creates adult coloring book to celebrate beauty, heritage

Unicia Buster created Coloring Curls recently. (Source: NBC12) Unicia Buster created Coloring Curls recently. (Source: NBC12)

Adult coloring books are getting more popular each year and are a hit with people looking to relieve stress.

One Richmond artist has created a coloring book with a twist -- it relieves stress and celebrates African American heritage at the same time.

Unicia Buster creates all kinds of art inside her Church Hill home.

Every circle and every stroke has to be perfect.

"Sometimes I have to tell myself 'OK, just let it go,'" said Buster.

As an artist, Buster studies images all of the time. However, a few months ago, it was the lack of certain images that stayed with her.

"I ran across some coloring books, and I said, 'Oh, how come they don't have any black people in here? Where are the afros? Where are the sister girls?'" said Buster. "I said, 'I can do some afros,' and so I started drawing some, and next thing I know, I did five in a row for five days, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm loving this.' I started showing some friends, and they were like, 'I would color this.' And I said, 'You would?' And they were like 'Yeah.'  So, I said 'Well, I'll do a book! How about that?'"

And just like that, Coloring Curls was born.

"I've always been obsessed with hair, especially African American hair and our textures," said Buster.

Inside are 30 drawings of everyday women with perfectly coiffed coils and curls with a twist.

"I don't draw the hair like you would traditionally draw the hair. I do more of the design elements like incorporating mandalas and other patterns and designs and textures that we would see around us like in fabrics or in textiles," said Buster.

The drawings are a big hit. Hundreds of the books have been sold since November, with people even sending Buster their "finished products."

However, she wants this book to do more than add color. She wants it to add confidence.

"When you look in the mirror and you see yourself, you go oh my God. You are gorgeous," said Buster.

Celebrating natural and unique beauty, which is the true masterpiece.

For more information about Coloring Curls, click here. To order a coloring book, click here.

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