RESTAURANT REPORT: Food sitting out too long

RESTAURANT REPORT: Food sitting out too long

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants had problems with food temperatures in this Restaurant Report. One didn't cool off their burritos properly, and both had food sitting out at room temperature.

Up first, Pho So 1 at 9135 West Broad Street in Henrico had 4 priority violations, 3 priority foundation, and 10 core violations. The inspector noted there was poor hand-washing procedures, the slicer and knives were dirty, meat was just sitting out to thaw, and spring rolls, imitation crab and rice noodles were also sitting out at room temperature. The report shows violations were corrected during the inspection.

Food temperatures were also a problem at McDonald's at 8975 Staples Mill Road in Henrico. It had 4 priority violations, plus one priority foundation violation. The report shows cheese had to be thrown out because it sat out too long, raw eggs were sitting out at room temperature, and some burritos were not cooled to the proper temperature. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to Bosna Market and Deli at 8030 West Broad Street. This cafe and market serves up Bosnian food while earning perfect scores on their last three health inspections. Bosna also makes an effort to feed the homeless and hungry.

An update now on a bill that could reduce how frequently some restaurants are inspected. It would require all restaurants to be inspected at least once a year, before any restaurants are inspected again. This week, the bill passed the House and is now in committee in the Senate.

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