RVA Parenting: Mom launches new product to keep kids warm, helps smallest babies

(WWBT) - A Henrico mom of two young kids is building a business that's taking off, but her "handsocks" are gaining more than a profit. They are changing lives of some of the littlest and most vulnerable.

These socks that go on your child's hands can be flipped open or closed to keep your kid's fingers free or snug.

They started after a parenting flub. The family was on a ski trip where the busy mom forgot the winter clothes for her kids.

"I put my ski socks on my daughter because I forgot all things warm and they stayed up," laughed Casey Bunn. "I thought they just need better mittens."

That's where the idea was born.

However, when the product started flying off the shelves at Amazon, Casey knew there must be something bigger going on.

She figured out they product was going to NICUs, where sick babies, with wiggly hands, and cords that can't be touched.

"My goodness!" said a tearful Bunn. "I had some parents who had heart children, you know, babies who are really suffering, reach out to me and just say, 'They're keeping them warm. They're keeping them cozy. They're making a difference, and some of those babies passed away. Goodness.'"

It's then that she realized this project was so much bigger, and her passion grew.

Her latest line is named after real babies. Some babies have the smallest chances but the most hope, and some who have passed away. These handsocks are a tribute to their lives.

"To be starting a business that has that kind of impact?" said Bunn. "You know, my babies don't suffer from those kinds of things, but other parents are going through things that I can't even imagine and those kinds of things are really making a difference."

That is why she's launching a Kickstarter at handsocks.com. You can buy handsocks for your family, or you can buy them for babies in need. They cost $15 each.

"I love when somebody invents something that helps me as a parent and other parents, so just having little kids and knowing I'm solving a problem is fantastic," Bunn said.

Casey is a mother to two and has a full-time job. Her husband is a Hanover firefighter.

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