Boston Marathon survivor to marry her hero

Boston Marathon survivor to marry her hero

BOSTON, MA (WWBT) - Roseann Sdoia lost her right leg while watching the 2013 Boston Marathon from the finish line when a pressure-cooker bomb went off. She is now getting married nearly four years later to the firefighter who saved her.

She was standing right next to the second bomb.

Firefighter Mike Materia, 37, comforted Sdoia, 48, during her ride to Massachusetts General Hospital in a police cruiser.

"I asked him if I was going to die. And he told me that I was going to be OK, that I only had a flesh wound," she told The New York Post.

He visited her a couple of days later and made an impression on her mother, while Sdoia was in intensive care.

"In the hospital, my mom tried to set me up with him," Sdoia told The New York Post.

"She was like, 'Oh, did you see that firefighter? He's so cute.' And I was like, 'Mom, I just got blown up.' "

Sdoia's mom's persistence paid off. The victim and the firefighter became friends, which led to a romantic relationship.

"I knew I was starting to have feelings for him because he was so kind and caring," she told The New York Post. "And he has an unbelievable smile."

They went on their first date in June 2013, and he proposed to her in Nantucket in January.

The couple plans to have a small wedding in October or November.

On Feb. 1, Roseann and Mike, who will be in full firefighter gear, will be running up the 86 stories of the Empire State Building for the Empire State Building Run-Up. The organization helps raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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