Bill proposes mandatory $250 fine in VA for driving slow in left lane

Bill proposes mandatory $250 fine in VA for driving slow in left lane

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A bill making its way through the Virginia General Assembly would increase the fine for drivers caught crawling in the left lane on highways.

House Bill No. 2201, sponsored by Virginia Delegate Israel O'Quinn (R), and co-sponsored by Del. Kaye Kory (D) and Sen. Scott Surovell (D), would make the fine for blocking the fast lane a mandatory $250, instead of up to $250.

Traffic experts say driving too slow in the passing (left) lane can cause confusion, aggravation, and even accidents. Drivers who are taking it slower are required to move over to the right lanes, according to VA Code  46.2-804.

"It's a good law. If you're not passing anyone, you got no business in the left lane," said Rickey Leach, a truck driver of more than 30 years. Leach says sluggish drivers monopolizing the left lane can be especially dangerous with large tractor-trailers sharing the road.

"You got 80,000 pounds that you're trying to maneuver, and they just box you in, and you don't have anywhere to go. If you're going to pass, go ahead on and pass," described Leach of an often dicey situation on the road.

Traffic experts also say that driving in the left lane could cause confusion by forcing people to pass you on the right, which they shouldn't be doing anyway. The bill's sponsors also hope to cut down on road rage and a disrupted traffic flow.

The bill is now on track for a final vote. Stay with NBC12 for updates.

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