NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Remembering Mary Tyler Moore

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Remembering Mary Tyler Moore

By: Kym Grinnage email

I remember back in the 70s when I was thinking about a career in television that there was this show on called The Mary Tyler Moore Show. At the time, I honestly was not a Mary Tyler Moore fan, but I was intrigued about the inner workings of a newsroom.

Mary Tyler Moore was an activist in her real life, but it was her character, Mary Richards, the TV news producer, that inspired so many women to consider careers in news and broadcasting.

This show was far beyond just a comedy on television. Through her character and the social issues that were discussed at the time, Mary Tyler Moore helped make it okay to talk about equal pay for women, equal exposure in the workplace, feminism and what it meant for young girls to aspire to have careers of their very own.

She was reflecting what was happening in the workplace, and particularly in newsrooms, but change was still very much a work in progress.

If you visit any newsroom, and particularly, the newsroom at NBC12 you will see that this is no longer Mr. Grant's newsroom.

Journalists and TV professionals across the country are remembering how they felt watching this iconic women motivate them to consider a career that I certainly hold dear to my heart.

Thank you Mary Tyler Moore.

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