Cold water problems resurface at Ashton Square Apartments

Cold water problems resurface at Ashton Square Apartments

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tenants at Richmond's Ashton Square Apartments are complaining again of cold water problems.

Residents reached out to 12 On Your Side this week saying several buildings have been without hot water for at least a couple weeks now.

Currently, some tenants in several buildings say they're boiling water to bathe. Others are staying elsewhere for the time being. The cold water issue has been ongoing for about a month, according to resident Tara Stevens.

"This is not any kind of water to take a shower, in the middle of winter," said Stevens, as she turned on the shower. "I'm not living here, and I'm paying rent."

"I heat up water, that's what I've been doing," said Mildred Williams, 81, who has been living at the complex for 23 years.

Williams tells me she's been boiling water each time before she bathes.

"I got the big pots you put on the stove and I just heat it up in there," said Williams.

The same problems surfaced last year after residents said they didn't have hot water for several months. Ultimately a boiler was fixed, but not without many residents moving out.

Management had told residents at the time that the city might condemn the buildings and that they needed to move out. City officials refuted those claims, saying that the management company appeared to rather close down the building than spend money to fix the problems.

They city did bring in code enforcement, however, to inspect the buildings.

Management sent a notice out to residents saying they were working on the problem on Jan 18. Eight days later, the water is still cold. The Ashton Square Apartments leasing office and the current property management company, Ross Companies, refused to comment to media.

"They keep on saying they're going to fix it. I don't know what they're going to do. But…this might be my last year," continued Williams.

If you are having maintenance issues, you can pay your rent to the court. Notify your landlord that if the problem isn't fixed, a judge can decide what rent money should potentially be reimbursed.

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