On Your Side Alert: The 'Virginia Council for Corporations' is bogus

On Your Side Alert: The 'Virginia Council for Corporations' is bogus
The bogus letter claims to be "important" and "time sensitive." (Source: NBC12)
The bogus letter claims to be "important" and "time sensitive." (Source: NBC12)

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - An important alert for business owners - someone is sending mailers out for a "records solicitation form" and it looks like a legitimate government document. But it's not.

Filling it out will cost you, and could put your information at risk.

"It kind of states a deadline, and there's like this whole instruction sheet on how to fill it out," explained Meredyth Jenkins.

She's a new business owner selling the popular LulaRoe Clothing line, and she called 12 to let us know about the mailing.

"So it just makes it look pretty official when actually, it's not."

The mailer claims to be from "Virginia Council for Corporations" on Staples Mill Road.

"They were asking for $150 to fill out this form for all the information for your business," said Jenkins.

The address is bogus. It goes to a strip of stores with restaurants, a dry cleaner and a cell phone company.

And the Virginia Council for Corporations? - that doesn't exist at this address- or anywhere. In fact, this is a familiar scam.

Thankfully, Meredyth didn't fall for it. She was an easy target - she's only been selling LulaRoe clothing line for a few months.

"I actually opened it up and kind of discarded the envelope," said Jenkins. "But my husband said, 'Wait a minute…can I see the envelope?' And on it, it does say that this is not a government document, so that was a red flag for me."

It's easy to see how someone could be tricked, though. The document says "Important" and "time sensitive," and it looks like an official form, complete with directions on how to fill it out. Which is why as a new small business owner, Meredyth called 12.

"Just helping other small business owners, you know?" said Jenkins. "Especially, people who are new like me who may not have ever seen something like this or be expecting it. And like in a hurry, could have filled it out and sent their money."

So if you get this letter, save your money and your time. Throw it in the trash instead.

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