Couple gives man, who was once homeless, a new beginning

Couple gives man, who was once homeless, a new beginning

(WWBT) - A man, who was once homeless, now has a job and a place to stay, thanks to a couple.

Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend Taylor were out in the wintry weather conditions waiting for the train station gates to open, only to realize they would have to wait four hours for them to home. They were drunk and confused, and therefore, missed the last train.

After waiting for a while, they heard a voice coming from a man who said, "You can borrow my coat and duvet if you want. It's a long wait, and it's freezing tonight."

Charlotte said she turned around and saw Joey for the first time. She jumped straight for the duvet and thanked Joey for his kind offer, she said on Love What Matters.

When it was time to go, Charlotte refused to leave without him. At first, Joey declined, "wished the couple to have a good night kip, a shower and shave, and a good old meal." Charlotte wrote that he thought she was joking, but it took Taylor to enforce her wishes.

"Joey finally accepted," she wrote. "We get a cab home and much to Joey's horror, he ends up in the cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. I can't even begin to imagine what he must first initially of thought. Joey put all his trust into us as much as we put all our trust into him."

Later that night, they exchanged their life stories and became the best of friends.

"It's something I can't even explain," Charlotte said. "It was meant to be."

The next day, Charlotte told her mom and friends what she had done. She said her friends thought she and Taylor were crazy but now understand why and have fallen in love with Joey.

Thanks to both Charlotte and Taylor, Joey was able to get a job in five days and is no longer living on the streets.

"All he needed was someone to have faith in him and to help be that stepping stone to make a difference to someone's life," Charlotte wrote. "I'm so blessed to have been a part of getting him off the streets. Because at the end of the day, we all have the ability to be good people."

From this experience, Charlotte says we should not judge one another.

"We are all the same... the same beginning, the same end," she said. "Just some people carry more paper than the next in between. Just because someone is 'homeless,' it doesn't make them any less of a person than me or you, and it doesn't mean that all 'homeless' people are drug or alcohol abusers. Not all 'homeless' people should be instantly tarnished as bad people. They are just like me and you."

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