Richmond man on the run after allegedly attacking pregnant woman

Richmond man on the run after allegedly attacking pregnant woman

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police need your help to find a Richmond man accused of brutally beating and choking his pregnant girlfriend. Police say his name is Marvin Brown and he's now wanted for a malicious wounding charge.

The victim, 21-year-old Kianna, reached out to Ashley Monfort to share her story about the horrific attack and how she survived. Her baby is okay, but this is now a high-risk pregnancy.

"The doctor told me he's not going to survive another attack at all," said Kianna. She's six months pregnant and just survived a brutal beating, her body and belly are covered in bruises and her arm is broken. Police say her boyfriend Marvin Brown is to blame.

"He has the broom in a batting position," she said. "And he's like, 'Go sit on the chair. He's like, 'I'm going to hit you regardless.'"

She says the weapon was a broom handle and his fists and he took multiple blows to her face and body. "I just looked in his eyes, and I said, 'What about your son?' I kept saying, 'What about your son? What about your child? What about the baby?'"

Kianna made it outside the apartment on Old Brook Road where ice and snow covered the ground.

"I ran outside barefoot just screaming for help. Help me I'm pregnant, help me I'm pregnant!" But she says the horrific attack didn't stop. "He grabbed me by the neck and he started to strangle me," she said.

She says there were witnesses, but nobody stopped to help. In fact, she says two young men told Brown where she was hiding.

"He picked me back up and he said, 'You're going to make me kill you,'" she said.

Kianna says he threw her, belly first onto the ground, twice. She says when Brown went back into the building and she was afraid he was going to get a gun. That's when a neighbor opened another building's door and let the young mother in. Kianna says that woman ended up saving her life.

While being treated by paramedics, Kianna said she had one request: "I just kept saying I just need ya'll to save my baby."

And this isn't the first time Kianna says Brown has beat her and abused her while pregnant.

"He's tried to push me down the stairs. He's locked me out of his house at four o 'clock in the morning. I slept outside on the concrete," she said.

In the middle of the chaos, Brown took off.

While looking into Brown's background, several articles surfaced, calling him a community activist who mentors incarcerated youth. The articles say he works for the non-profit, RISE for Youth. He even mentions his unborn child in an article. Kianna says the articles were written when she had other protective orders out against him.

RISE for Youth released a statement regarding Brown's duties there:

We are concerned about theallegations against Marvin Brown and trust that they will be investigated. Marvin volunteered as an advocate for RISE for Youth up until Fall 2016, but was never an employee of the organization. RISE for Youth is dedicated to empowering youth, keeping families together and making our communities safer.

Kianna says she wanted to share her story with the hope it will help other domestic violence victims leave their relationships.

"You stop talking to friends. You stop talking to family," she said. "Just listen to you family because they care about you more than you know that they do and they might see things in a person that you don't see in a person."

Brown's last known address was the 3900 block of Chamberlayne Avenue. He is five feet-nine inches tall and 170 pounds. Police believe he may be armed.

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