Young family pleads for a home

Young family pleads for a home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A desperate plea for a home for a young mother and her two small children. The 22-year-old, along with her newborn and toddler, sometime sleep in a car after they were put out of their home in September. There's no room at any of the shelters in the area. They are all full.

NBC 12 has been calling around trying to find emergency help for them. We want to find emergency and permanent help. It's certainly a stressful and horrific situation for this young mother, who says she just needs a little help, a place to stay until she gets on her feet.

Raijene Mallory says sleeping in a car is terrifying and she does get scared.

"Sometimes I do, but I know God got me. I know He got me," cried Mallory. "I don't want to lose my kids because it's dangerous and it's cold outside, but sometimes I just do what I have to do and I just stay up and watch over them you know."

She says she usually settles on a parking lot at a hospital where there are police or medical help if she needs it. Other nights a relative may allow her to stay a short while. Every shelter she's called on for help since September she says is full and unable to help her.

"I've been through a lot in my life. I've been through a whole lot in my life and I've made bad decisions just from my surroundings watching my surrounds but I know God gave me my babies for a reason. They help me. They saved me because I could be out there doing a lot a lot of bad things and I don't want to do that. They are my blessings."

Mallory and her kids, 2-year-old Sidney and 4-month-old Sa'Ni, came to NBC 12 on Tuesday. Once inside, the 22-year-old homeless mother broke down several times.

"If I can just get a place to lay my head so I can get stable, get a job, have a car, to work, take them to the doctor. I'll be okay. Like I said, I don't mind working."

Little Sidney knows his colors at two years old and is quite engaging. His sister Sa'Ni is also well taken care of. Their mom says she gets depressed but works hard to never let her kids see her tears.

"When I got pregnant with her, I really wasn't expecting to have her, and I was about to get an abortion and everything  because I was like, 'I can't believe I'm about to have another baby.' But I thank God I did not do that. She is such a blessing to me. Both of them, and like I said, I don't mind. I'll do whatever I got to do to make sure they're okay."

This is the second homeless mother and kids NBC 12 has helped since Friday.  We posted another family's predicament and plea for help on Facebook three days ago and some of you dug into your pockets and put them up in a hotel. We hope you can reach out and help this family as well.

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