Learn how to save more money through free couponing class

Learn how to save more money through free couponing class

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Many of us have resolved to get a better hold of our spending, but when it comes to saving money, a lot of people don't know where to begin. An expert in town is willing to teach you for free.

When Jennifer Gonzalez moved to this area 11 years ago, she happened to catch a report on TV from money-saving expert Tiffany Cutts.

"I had one child at the time when I moved here and was a single mom and needed to save some money, cut some corners here and there," Gonzalez says.

She read Cutts' blog, Frugal In Virginia, and started implementing the advice she found.

Cutts explains, "I show what's on sale, what coupons to use. What are good deals, what aren't good deals."

Gonzalez was saving some, but knew she could so better.

"I really wasn't utilizing all the resources I could get because I didn't know where to look for them," Gonzalez says.

So she decided to attend Cutts' free coupon class this past November.

"A lot of people see the stuff on TV and think that they can't do it, but I like to show a realistic way you can save money," Cutts says.

Gonzalez discovered where to find her coupons and apps that give her money back on her purchases.

"Ching, ching, ching. A lot of money-saving tips." Gonzalez says that's what she got from the class.

Her favorite find seems to be the multiple ways she can save at Target.

"Someone had to teach me, so if we don't educate each other, we won't know," Gonzalez says.

Cutts says realistically, "Expect to save between 30 and 50 percent off your grocery bill."

Diapers and wipes for 1-year-old Jahmir take a big chunk out her weekly budget - not as painful now that she's changed her philosophy on spending.

"With each trip I'm saving $20 to $30," Gonzalez says.

Cutts is hosting her next free coupon class this Tuesday at the Tuckahoe Library. It starts at 6 p.m. and is open to the first 100 people through the door.

Donations have always been a big part of Cutts' mission. This class will benefit the "Period Patch" - an organization that helps homeless women. She asks participants to bring a box of feminine products.

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