RESTAURANT REPORT: Employees touch trash, then food

RESTAURANT REPORT: Employees touch trash, then food

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Employees touching the trash, then cooking without washing their hands -- that's what a health inspector reported finding in a popular Mexican fast food restaurant.

We stopped by Chicken Fiesta at 7925 W. Broad St. in Henrico. It's last health inspection shows four priority violations plus 10 core violations, and five were repeated from a previous inspection.

The report says employees touched a trash can, then prepared food, and went from cleaning to prepping food without washing their hands in between. It also says employees were eating in the kitchen while working, and uncovered tortilla shells were by a trash can where they could be contaminated when garbage was thrown away. Those and some of the other violations were corrected during the inspection.

We stopped by to see if the other violations had been corrected and how the restaurant was responding to the inspection. We were asked to return the next day. When we did, we were then given a phone number to call. We left a message and are still waiting to hear back.

Up next, McDonald's at 13170 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield had three priority violations, plus one priority foundation and one core. The inspector wrote that this was the second time there was no sanitizer in the buckets of water used to sanitize things, and two refrigerators were not maintaining proper temperatures.

Three violations were corrected on the spot. When the inspector returned 10 days later, the restaurant had everything corrected.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to KFC at 9000 W. Broad St. in Henrico. It's slogan is "Finger lickin' good," but that's something the employees would never do. They have earned perfect scores on eight health inspections over the last three years.

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