NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Happy New Year

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Happy New Year

By: Kym Grinnage email

Wow, is it already time for 2017!! It seems like I was saying those words about 2016 just a few short months ago.

What I like about the phrase "Happy New Year", are the two words "Happy and New".

Many times we choose to look forward to what can be new about next year, and many times that can be a good thing. But, I also think it's good to look back.

How about looking back at 2016 with an eye toward identifying the things we did well and the things that made us happy. The keys to a very good 2017, may be found in 2016. Find those things and do more of that!!

When we look back at the things we did well, it informs us of how we used our gifts and talents. Some people spend a lifetime creating new lists, new friends, new relationships, new careers and anything for the sake of being new. Many times what's new is actually old.

How about dedicating a quiet half hour out of your entire life to really think about what you have already done well. Trust me, you will find good things.

Let's face it, your life is a business. Maybe it's time to write a "new" business plan!

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